Performance Media

„Building the brand, while making the sale!”

Display performance as a push instrument generates attention, desire and interest, in turn initializing new demand. Due to the very broad range of media, display continuously reaches new potential customers. Simultaneously fulfilling two wishes of advertisers, display creates an increase in brand awareness while increasing relevant transactions (leads, sales).

„Building the brand, while making the sale!”

Possible options such as geo, sociodemographic and contextual targeting further enhance these effects.

Without appropriate push measures, generating pull potential becomes very limited. E-commerce providers often invest heavily in SEM in an attempt to increase alleged bargain sales in SEM. A low demand potential generally limits this attempt. Only advertisers who are willing to additionally invest in display performance are able to generate effective demand and the associated sales increase. Since both push and pull media pose an important part of the customer journey, it is essential for a CPO analysis to include the cause of sale involved.

Display Performance

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