We will find your user again and bring them back!

With KUPONA retargeting technology we find your website's recent users and bring them back to your shop - and make them purchasers. Specially designed promotional materials for this purpose uses retargeting for remembering and reactivating the user, thus leading to an increase in purchases. Simple, straightforward and financially risk free thanks to CPO accounting.

Retargeting Info

  • Retargeting with CPO billing model - no setup or minimum fees
  • Complimentary production of customized advertising material
  • Banner incentives such as coded vouchers and countdown tickers
  • Integration of price discounts to increase CTR
  • Expanded market range within the top 100 AGOF websites
  • Profiles are stored and processed in accordance with the German Data Privacy Protection Policy
  • Leading ad server technology with rule-based, intelligent product-/advertisement-adjustments
Boris Strempel
Group Head
Programmatic Advertising
Boris Strempel
Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 13
60594 Frankfurt - Germany

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