Transparency and security

Data protection - not just words

German privacy policy regulations

As a German agency, we are bound by the strict German privacy policy- we take this matter very seriously. In addition to the application of the Federal Data Protection Act "Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG)" for storing and processing anonymous data, we inform our customers and users, making them aware of what data we collect and how we evaluate and process such information. For storing and processing data, we use certified privacy-policy-compliant technology.

Why is data collected?

The anonymous data which we collect is used exclusively for modulating online display (banner) campaigns to optimize the delivery of banners. After the analysis we are able to offer the user a personalized experience.
Campaign modulation is more efficient for advertisers, product recommendations more relevant to the users!

Anonymous profiles

Together with our technology partners we process anonymised data for merchandise departments and product affinities of the eCommerce sector. At no time will personal information such as name, address or birth dates be collected, stored or transmitted. The collection of complete IP addresses is prevented.

Cookies and Opt-Out Details

Our cookie settings store user data as a numeric ID (including a timestamp) which does not permit a personally identifiable information reference.

All information will expire within a few minutes, hours or days and is automatically deleted by the browser.

Beyond this, the user has the possibility to delete cookies at any time (today all browsers entail this special setting) and prevent the storage of data and the display of relevant advertising with opt-out settings. For this purpose we provide an information link (i), which brings you to the corresponding opt-out site.


To view the privacy policy of our website, click here.

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