Your way to retargeting

Just a few steps to bring
your customers back

The way to your customer takes just a few steps. The following gives a first idea of what is necessary for a retargeting campaign and what we do for you in collaboration.

Any details which may not be clearly revealed in our example below shall be discussed in a personal appointment. We look forward to your call!

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Goal discussion with your
personal campaign manager

Your manager sets campaign objectives and considers available options for you and prepares a schedule.

All our consulting know-how assists you to determine the best set up for a campaign exactly matching your specific requirements.

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Product data and tracking

We process most of the various types of product data you may deliver. For your part, corresponding tracking-pixels need to be implemented on the specified pages of your shop accordingly – for instance the product detail page, the shopping cart or the order confirmation page.

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Creation of banner sets

Our award-winning banner-team experts create all necessary promotion campaign materials – these are complimentary - and in turn, you as the customer, approve the advertising medium.

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Launching the campaign and optimization

We launch your campaign and continuously optimize it based on incoming data, we learn about customer behavior and can incorporate the conclusions into the campaign after consulting with you.

Your campaign manager will correspond with you on regular intervals to keep you posted on the results and always remains open for new ideas and aspirations.

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