Customer Feedback

What Makes KUPONA Retargeting
Better Than the Rest

„KUPONA created innovative banners for us that fit perfectly
with the design of our shops. Even better: overall sales are stable despite optimizing for the conversion rate!“
Online Marketing Manager Marina Förster


„The benefit of KUPONA is a flexible banner design that also allows for sophisticated functions. Additionally, we can create automated and product-specific banner formats with the Ad Generator.“
Head of Affiliate Marketing Olga Grundmann


„The highlight for us is the optimal conversion rate we achieve with KUPONA. Flexible implementation give us the leeway we expect.“
Manager Sales Online Marion Wilken


„With KUPONA I know that we will be presented only within a very high-quality audience – and this is paired with very intelligent technology.“
Head of Online Marketing Andreas Schubert


„The good CPO, together with the high conversion rate, speaks
for itself. That's how KUPONA became one of our most important partners."
E-marketing Manager Germany Marie Cottarel


„With KUPONA we found a very reliable partner for our fashion focus, because a high-quality audience is extremely important, especially for fashion advertisers.“
Affiliate Manager Uwe Falke

„The extremely professional setup process with KUPONA impressed us. And we're not the only ones – in the meanwhile,
15 of our customers have their retargeting campaigns with KUPONA.“
CEO Jan Peitz

„Trust and professionalism play a big role in good working relationships. Both are guaranteed at KUPONA, allowing us to always place our TOP customers in secure content environments.“
CEO Viengmany Thun Vongpraseut

„KUPONA's strong suits include the trust-based collaboration as well as the easy technology integration via the Affilinet Retargeting Container Tag. A really broad range of possible branches is just the cherry on the top!“
CEO Ulrich Bartholomäus

„KUPONA is one of belboon's valued partners. The company
has proved its retargeting expertise in numerous campaigns.
The international scope of KUPONA is highly valued by our advertisers.“
Senior Manager Affiliate Marketing Oliver Krug

„Time is money, and the fast setup really impressed me. Further, the flexible calculation models offer maximal campaign manoeuvring. For this reason, the entire Schneider Group (Conleys, Discovery-24, Schneider, Gingar) now works with KUPONA.“
CEO Sebastian Menken
Boris Strempel
Group Head
Programmatic Advertising
Boris Strempel
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60594 Frankfurt - Germany

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